1) What’s the screw made of?
  •  Answer: Engineered structural steel that is galvanized.
2) Where do i get the engineering?
  •  Answer: We provide in house engineering and stamped drawings.
3) How do I install it?
  •  Answer: We supply and install the screw according to the plans and will also do the layout for the job if required.
4) How long do I have to wait to build after the screw is installed?
  •  Answer: There is no wait time.  You can start building right after the screw is installed.
5) How long does it take to install a screw?
  •  Answer: In most residential sub-divisions, a screw can take anywhere from 40 min to 1.5hrs depending on whether we hit a rock and need to drill.
6) What happens if you hit a rock?  Do you have to adjust the layout of the job?
  •  Answer:  We have the capability and expertise drill into rock and install the screw right into rock without having to adjust the layout.
7) Do you provide the torque readings for the screws?
  •  Answer:  Yes, we provide the torque readings for each screw installed and accompany it with a stamped letter by our engineers.
8) Will the installation process make a mess in my backyard?
  •  Answer: No. For residential backyards, we install the screws with a handheld machine that does not require any excavating or removal of dirt.
9) What clearance is required to install a screw?
  •  Answer: Because we can install our screws with a handheld machine, we have multiple installation options.  We can install our screws as close as 4″ to any object including foundations, trees, sheds, etc. and require 4′ on one side of the screw in order to use the handheld.
10) Can you install the screws in my basement and will it make a mess?
  • Answer: Using the hand machine to install the screws enables a clean install for jack post jobs without having to excavate or remove dirt.